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Community Equipment Prescriptions

Mobility and Lifestyle Aids on Prescription and for Sale

Under the Transforming Community Equipment Services initiative from the local NHS we are able to offer the dispensing of mobility and lifestyle aids on prescription.

Under the scheme, Community Equipment Prescriptions would be issued to eligible patients, for equipment such as mobility and bathing aids, furniture, sensory aids and general living aids.

We are an accredited pharmacy to supply these products to patients. If you have a prescription for a mobility or lifestyle aid please bring your prescription to the pharmacy and we will organise the supply of these items to you. We can also organise delivery to your home address (Local Patients Only).

This is a NHS service for eligible patients and will not cost you. To find out how to get a community Equipment prescription please contact your GP and they will be able to either issue you with a valid prescription or direct you to where you can get one.

What is TCES?

TCES stands for Transforming Community Equipment Services. The NHS is changing the way you can receive simple aids to daily living, by transforming community equipment services in line with the Department of Health’s proposals. Following an assessment by an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, community nurse or trusted assessor, you will be issued with a written prescription that can then be exchanged for ‘ simple aids to daily living' at selected, local accredited retailers like ourselves. The items can then be redeemed by you, a carer, family / household member or friend and the item is owned by you. To provide greater choice, you will have the option to “top up” or “upgrade” to an item that meets the same assessed need but is more pleasing to you, for which an individual may pay an additional charge.

Benefits for residents

This new way of accessing simple aids equipment will also benefit residents who are not eligible for statutory support by offering the opportunity for any person, to go to a local accredited retailer and buy their own simple items of equipment to help them or someone else maintain their independence. Many of these items cost less than £30 and will assist people with limited mobility, bathing, meal preparation, eating and dressing needs.

What is community equipment?

It is equipment to help people lead safer more independent lives. There are two types of community equipment and are known as “simple aids to daily living” and “complex aids to daily living”.

Simple aids

Simple aids to support people to maintain their independence in mobility, toileting, bathing, cooking, dressing, reaching, eating etc. Many of these items cost less than £30 and include items such as: kettle tippers, shower stools,

reachers, grab rails, adapted cutlery and raised toilet seats.

Complex aids

These are largely provided by the council and its health partners, to support care in the home setting e.g. profiling beds, hoists, bath lifts and standing frames. These items often have electrical or hydraulic components, generally cost more than £100 and often require planned maintenance. Complex items will not be provided through the retail model with services continuing to be accessed via the current loan contract. Bespoke specialist equipment will continue to be sourced through the loans contract.

We are a well established and respected provider of community equipment and work closely with occupational therapists, physiotherapists and community nurses to ensure we give an excellent and professional service.

We stock all the popular items which means that most prescriptions can be fulfilled without delay. We also have a large range of aids to daily living for sale at extremely competitive prices. To see our range please click here.

Our mobility product range includes:

  • Adapted crockery and cutlery
  • Bath accessories
  • Bath seats
  • Bathroom tools
  • Crutches and crutch accessories
  • Easy reachers
  • Grab rails
  • Toilet frames
  • Walking frames
  • Walking sticks and canes
  • Wheelchair and scooter accessories
  • Range of Incontinence products