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Mobility Store

From specially designed furniture to canes and wheelchairs, Bush Pharmacy has all the mobility and daily living aids so you can enjoy your freedom. We aim to stock a comprehensive selection of mobility and living aids so you can keep on going in life. You'll find everything from every day mobility aids to incontinence products and toileting aids at Bush Pharmacy. Our staff are highly trained with expert knowledge to help you choose the right product for you, at prices which are highly discounted.To add even more flexibility for our patients we are able to hire out equipment such as wheelchairs which helps to keep costs low.

Mobility aids
Make your day-to-day as comfortable as possible with mobility aids from our selection. Choose from sturdy, reliable walking sticks and ferrules to motorised scooters to enhance your daily personal mobility.

Community Equipment Prescriptions
Under the Transforming Community Equipment Services initiative from the local NHS we are able to offer the dispensing of mobility and lifestyle aids on prescription. Find out more
Stay on the go with high-quality wheelchairs from Bush Pharmacy. Keep up your daily routine with a wheelchair or add to the comfort of your current model with a wheel chair fleece or cushion.

Furniture designed for daily living
Bush Pharmacy has specially designed furniture created with mobility and daily living in mind. Choose from our selection of beds or select from our range of cushions and pillows, each designed to aid mobility.

Kitchen aids for daily living
Bush Pharmacy also stocks a number of kitchen aids for daily living. From cooking utensils to specially designed kettles, each helps to make it easier to take care of business in the kitchen.


Bladder Weakness and Toileting Aids

Stay protected against the symptoms of Incontinence, also known as bladder weakness, with aids from Bush Pharmacy. Perhaps you’re one of the millions who experience bladder weakness, Incontinence and Bladder problems affect about 6 million people in the UK, so incontinence is far more common than you think. With the right information and support, and using the right incontinence pads, incontinence pants, incontinence aids and incontinence products designed to meet your own specific needs for both men and women, you can take active steps to manage your incontinence effectively.

We are a recognised TENA stockist and keep a wide range in store at heavily discounted prices. You will also find a range of toileting aids like TENA pads for those who require assistance when using the toilet. These include everything from toilet cushions to commodes for around the home.

Whatever your situation or experience, Bush Pharmacy is the place to find information, support so please give us a call to find out more.

Many more products are also available; you can request the mobility catalogue by visiting the store or click here

Alternatively if you would like to talk to us about your mobility needs, please come to our store and we will be happy to discuss with you, in confidence, the options available. Our pharmacy team will be happy to explain the products on offer, the benefits of mobility aids and how we can tailor your individual needs to the products available.

Do not hesitate to contact us on 0208 743 9254 for more information.